Sportsman 800 REAR Master Cylinder


Introducing brand new rear foot brake master cylinders for your Sportsman 800, giving you ultimate control and confidence on the trail. Whether you prefer sticking with the original equipment (OE) quality or exploring aftermarket options, we have you covered.

Option 1: OE Polaris Rear Brake Master Cylinder (Part Number: 100-1140) – Experience uncompromised quality with our OE unit, sourced directly from the original brake manufacturer for Polaris. This isn’t a reproduction – it’s the real deal. By bypassing the expensive Polaris markups, we ensure you get top-notch performance without breaking the bank. Simply bolt on, bleed it out, and you’re ready to hit the trails with peace of mind.

Option 2: Aftermarket Master Cylinder (Part Number: 100-1108) – For those seeking a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing performance, our aftermarket master cylinder is the perfect choice. Engineered to meet or exceed OE standards, this master cylinder offers reliable braking power at an affordable price point. Installation is a breeze – just bolt on, bleed it out, and you’re good to go, letting you focus on enjoying your ride without worrying about your brakes.


2005-’06   SPORTSMAN 800

REPLACES POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 1910790, 1910301 and 1911113.

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Sportsman 800 REAR Master Cylinder
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