Sportsman 800 Speedometer Sensor


In response to the poor quality of the OEM hall effect speed sensor we have developed our own unit. We start with a machined aluminum housing, unlike the stock plastic housing which can easily break or crack, even if using the aluminum cap Polaris provided on later models. Our sensor also have larger diameter wires and a thicker housing to prevent wire breakage which is also common with the stock sensor. This hall effect sensor is manufactured right here in the USA with the best electrical components available. Trust this speed sensor to work perfectly and last for years in demanding conditions. Also feature a black anodized finish and waterproof Delphi plug. Installs just like the original, no modifications required. Some 2007 models could use either sensor, compare your plug to the photos. Choose your model from the list below.

Replaces Polaris part number 4010298 and 4011640.

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Sportsman 800 Speedometer Sensor
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