Polaris Sportsman 800 Complete Team Secondary Clutch


The OEM clutch on the Sportsman 800 is complete junk!  Not only can you not service the helix or rollers but it is a piss poor design.  This clutch was literally designed for a golf cart.  Get your performance, tuneability and longevity back by using the best clutch Team ever made in the Team Tied Secondary.  This tried and true clutch uses dual rollers to keep everything rolling properly and has easily replaceable spring, rollers and helix.  Reduce slop and gain reliability with this clutch.  No other changes are necessary, even use your same belt!

Fits 2010-2014 Sportsman 800 models


Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

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Polaris Sportsman 800 Complete Team Secondary Clutch
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