Sportsman 570 Battery Relocate Kit


The battery location on your Sportsman 450 and 570 from the factory is less than ideal for many reasons. Our engineers here at Quad Logic have experienced the same issues and created the perfect solution.

Our battery relocate kit:

  • Is made from heavy-duty steel and mounts to the frame.
  • Moves battery off the skid plate and away from the rotating prop shaft to keep it out of harm’s way.
  • Provides easier access for charging or maintenance.
  • Utilizes a separate terminal block located at the front allowing easy use for electric accessories.
  • Incorporates your existing battery shroud, cover and strap to mount the battery.

Hardware and mounting instructions are included. (NOTE: This kit does NOT include a new battery)

Kit fits all standard and touring chassis Sportsman 450 and 570’s from 2014-2020.*

Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!


  • X2 chassis due to bed location.
  • 2014 models require updated mounting hardware to work. Part numbers: 5259571, 5412499, and 7010032 x2 Is what would be required.

 Tools needed for install:  Basic socket, wrench and screwdriver set. No drilling.

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Polaris 2014-20 Sportsman 450 570 Battery Relocate Kit - Battery Box, Wires, etc
Sportsman 570 Battery Relocate Kit

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