Polaris Primary Clutch Spider Tool


New Polaris Primary Clutch Spider Tool. Our unique design uses 6 bolts to help hold the tool in place.  The 6 bolts are screwed in using the the clutch cover holes. Made with 1/4″ thick steel and uses a 3/4″ ratchet. This tool is used on Polaris ATV/UTV P-85 & P-90 clutches. (Was commonly used on mid 90’s to current models.)

We make every attempt to ensure every items fitment is accurate. We do the testing on each item before its listed for sale to ensure fitment and quality. Items may fit multiple years and models listed.

Returns are subject to 15% restocking fee.

Polaris ATV/UTV RZR Sportsman Ranger P-85 P-90 Primary Clutch Spider Tool
Polaris Primary Clutch Spider Tool