Sportsman 400 Control Arm A-Arm Bushings


Brand new replacement front or rear A-arm bushings! This replaces Polaris part number 5436973. Depending upon the year and model it could fit both left and right sides of the upper and lower a-arm as well as the rear upper a-arm. Sold as a Pack of 2 or Pack of 4. Each a-arm uses two bushings.  So order 4 if replacing both control arm bushing sets. These are used on the following models:

2008-2010      Sportsman 300
1999-2000      Sportsman 335
2008-2014      Sportsman 400 HO
1993-2014      Sportsman 400
1997               Sportsman 400L

Replaces Polaris part Numbers: 5436973, 5431596, 5433066, 5434551, and 5436220

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Sportsman 400 Control Arm A-Arm Bushings
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