Sportsman 400 Steel Footwells


We have been asked numerous times for steel footwells for the 600/700 models and we finally have them ready! After breaking set after set of stock plastic floorboards we decided it was time to make a set of steel floorboards that fit great and look fantastic. These floorboards are manufactured from lasered sheet steel then formed to fit the contour of your fenders. We even put tabs on the backside to hold your plastic in place. There is an outer rectangular tube to add tons of strength and help keep your feet in place. Our formed traction stars are far superior to stock, they add a ton of grip but are not sharp enough to tear up your boots. We even kept the nice footpegs that run from side to side! Lastly they are finished in a beautiful black texture powdercoat for a long lasting finish. Plastic does not belong on an ATV! Fix yours for good with these new steel footwells. The fit and finish are excellent, these look like they are factory equipment, the way your Sportsman should have been. Fits similar to stock, you can re-use all the original hardware on the left side and we include new hardware for the right side. NOTE: SOME TRIMMING OF THE FENDER FLARES IS RECOMMENDED FOR THE BEST FIT. Includes both Left and Right floorboards. Replaces Polaris part numbers 5432221-070, and 5433929-070. Fits all 2001-04 Sportsman 400 models DOES NOT FIT 2004.5 MODELS

NOTE: Due to the excessive size/shape of these footwells it is possible they will get some small scratches or scuffs during shipping. We do package them very well but the shipping companies are rough with them. If you are looking for show quality, please do not order. They will arrive in good condition and hopefully perfect but we cannot guarantee there will not be some small scratches/scuffs. If so, they can easily be fixed up with some touch-up paint. Thank you.

Replaces Polaris Part Numbers: 5432221-070, and 5433929-070

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Sportsman 400 Steel Footwells
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