RZR Turbo Ball Joint Install and Removal Tool


Replacing the ball joints from the a-arms on most Polaris machines can be a real challenge. We developed this unique tool to make the job much easier. This two piece steel tool set is designed to both remove and install the ball joint using any standard shop press without damaging the a-arm or ball joint.

The kit starts with our holder tool. This uniquely sized tube is welded to a nice baseplate for a secure footprint. The holder tool fits perfectly in the groove of the a-arm around the balljoint. Simply set the a-arm in place over the holder tool and press the old ball joint out. It will drop out of the a-arm and into the holder tool.

To install the new balljoints simply flip the a-arm over on the holding tool, put the new balljoint in place, use the install tool on top of the balljoint, and press into place. The install tool pushes against the edge of the balljoint so you do not dimple or damage the center. Very simple and no damage to paint or powdercoat.

Both tools are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The heavy duty design is suited for either home or professional shop use.


2016-19 RZR Turbo (All models)

Work with Polaris Part Number: 7061220, 7061187, 7081505, 7081580, and 7081666

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Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo (2014-20) Front Ball Joint Install and Removal Tool
RZR Turbo Ball Joint Install and Removal Tool

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