RZR Turbo Connecting Rod Bearing Kit


New connecting rod bearing kit.  Includes two bearings a single connecting rod.  If replacing both rods, you will need to purchase 2 kits.  Select your proper bearing color (ex: white, yellow, red or blue) from the dropdown below. Please verify proper bearing color before ordering.


2021 RZR Turbo S
2021 RZR Turbo S 4
2016-’20 RZR XP 4
2016-’21 RZR XP Turbo

REPLACES POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 3514645-15, 3514645-16, 3514645-27, 3514645-53, 3514989-15, 3514989-16, 3514989-27 and 3514989-53

RZR Turbo Connecting Rod Bearing Kit
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