RZR 800 Spherical Shock Bearing


The bearings in your shocks are constantly being abused and put the test and so they wear out quickly. Replace them and get your shocks smooth again. This bearing is also designed to reduce vibration and noise that can happen with the stock bearing. Made of steel with a super smooth Teflon inner coating designed to last longer then stock. Exact replacement for Polaris part number 1500524. Depending upon the application these could fit the front, rear or both shocks of your machine. Used on the following Polaris machines:

2009-14 RZR-S 800

2010-13 RZR-4 800

We make every attempt to ensure every items fitment is accurate. We do the testing on each item before its listed for sale to ensure fitment and quality. Items may fit multiple years and models listed.

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RZR 800 Spherical Shock Bearing
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