RZR 570 Top End Gasket Set and .040″ Piston & Ring Kit


Brand new .040″ OVERSIZE size Namura Piston and gasket kit. Your cylinder will REQUIRE boring to use this piston kit! This can be done at a machine shop locally or we can bore it for you at an additional cost, call us for details. Gasket set includes head gasket, base gasket, valve seals (4) and exhaust gasket to rebuild the top end of your Polaris Sportsman or RZR 570. Even includes the valve seals! Don’t ever re-use old gaskets when rebuilding your engine!

Namura pistons are direct OEM replacements with a few key advantages. First is the Teflon/Molybdenum coating on the skirts to increase heat transfer, reduce friction and reduces scuffing and seizures. Machined smooth heads and anodized domes increase durability and can even add horsepower and fuel economy. Lastly, the Hypereutectic casting process provides a higher silicon content for reduced expansion rates and additional wear resistance. Namura pistons are simply the best value on the market. All the advantages of a top of the line piston at a great price!

Replaces Polaris part numbers 5254903, 5260934, 5813676, 2206222, 3610212, 3610199, and 5253989. This piston and gasket kit fits the following models:

2013-16 RZR 570


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