RZR 1000 XP SPLYT Technology Stator and Voltage Regulator Kits


The stock RZR 1000 voltage regulators are terrible. They are a known problem and can easily burn out from excess heat, especially when using high amperage accessories. Do not replace it with another OEM unit! SPLYT Technology provides a reliable solution to well-known charging system failures. Using a dual output stator with two completely separate stator windings, this system splits the power generated by the stator into two separate voltage regulators. These regulators then each operate with only half of the load of the original system, allowing them to maintain a lower temperature and increase reliability.

For people with large subs or light bars there is also the kit with an upgraded flywheel. This charging upgrade provides a tremendous 900W output to allow you to install accessories without draining the original battery nor installing a secondary battery. This upgrade installs seamlessly freeing the space a second battery would take on your ride.  Replaces Polaris part number 4014029, 4013247, 4013904, 4014029, 4016868, 4014856, and 4015229.

Fits all 2014-18 RZR 1000 XP

Replaces Polaris Part Numbers: 4014029, 4013247, 4013904, 4014029, 4016868, 4014856, and 4015229

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