Ranger 800 Exhaust Gasket


This exhaust gasket from Quad Logic is manufactured from a thick stainless steel mesh wrapped in an outer layer of graphite. It is designed to perform even better than the stock Polaris gasket. Sold each. Choose your model below:

**Be sure to check the parts diagrams on Polaris’ official parts website to determine the location of the seal you are replacing and the correct part number.  Many Polaris ATV’s/UTV’s use multiple exhaust gasket donut seals and some are different sizes/part numbers on the same model.**

Replaces Polaris Part # 5256385, 3610209, 3610047, 3610181.

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Polaris Exhaust Donut Seal 5256385, 5243518 & 5242571
Ranger 800 Exhaust Gasket
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