Ranger 700 Exhaust Gasket Donut Seal


This exhaust gasket from Quad Logic is manufactured from a thick stainless steel mesh wrapped in an outer layer of graphite. It is designed to perform even better than the stock Polaris gasket. Many machines use TWO of these gaskets total: one between the short head pipe and main pipe and another between the main pipe and the muffler. Be sure to order 2 if replacing both. Sold each. Replaces Polaris 5256385, 5243518 & 5242571.

**Be sure to check the parts diagrams on Polaris’ official parts website to determine the location of the seal you are replacing and the correct part number.  Many Polaris ATV’s/UTV’s use multiple exhaust gasket donut seals and some are different sizes/part numbers on the same model.**

Fits the following Polaris models:

2006                    RANGER XP 4×4 700

2007-09              RANGER 4X4 700 EFI

2008-09              RANGER 4X4 700 EFI CREW

2006-09              RANGER 6X6 700 EFI

Replaces Polaris Part #’s 5256385, 5243518 & 5242571

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Polaris Exhaust Donut Seal 5256385, 5243518 & 5242571
Ranger 700 Exhaust Gasket Donut Seal

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