Ranger REAR Wheel Bearing Install/Removal Press Tool


Changing your rear wheel bearings can be a real pain without the correct tools. Get the job done fast and correctly using this Torpedo installation and removal tool set by Quad Logic. We developed this tool to both remove and install the REAR wheel bearings. It includes a holder for the hub and then a driver to press the old bearing out of the hub. Once removed, flip over the hub and driver and press in the new bearing. The dual sided driver/installer torpedo tool works for both! Fits the following models and more:

2010-14 Ranger 400

2004-13 Ranger 500

Series 10/11 Ranger

2014-18 Ranger 570

2005-09 Ranger 700

2010-14 Ranger 800

2014-18 Ranger 900 XP

2011-14 Ranger 900 Diesel

2015-18 Ranger 1000 Diesel

2015-16 Ranger ETX

2011-18 Ranger EV

In stock (can be backordered)

Ranger REAR Wheel Bearing Install/Removal Press Tool

In stock (can be backordered)