Magnum 500 Shindy Carburetor Rebuild Kit


A dirty or clogged carb is one of the most common engine running issues. Many times just rebuilding the carb will get your machine running like new again, especially if it has been sitting for some time. This genuine high quality Shindy carburetor rebuild kit is made in Japan and will get your carb running great again.

This genuine Shindy kit includes:

– Main and pilot jets, jet needle sets, float valves, float chamber gaskets and o-rings.

– Idle screw sets, pilot screw sets and air screw sets also included if applicable.

-The jets included in each kit are for common sizes. According to riding conditions and riding preference, different size jets may be used.

This kit works on the the following Polaris models:

2000-02 Magnum 500

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Shindy 03-416 Carb Kit 100-2440
Magnum 500 Shindy Carburetor Rebuild Kit

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