Magnum 425 500 Carburetors


Don’t make the mistake of buying one of those dirt cheap carbs!  We have tried many of them with disturbing results, there was just no way to get them tuned properly.  We spent countless hours tuning just to end up pulling them back off.  So we went ahead and worked with a carburetor manufacturer that understands the issues and the result is the next best carburetor to the original Mikuni!

We physically developed and tested these carbs to ensure they will work properly on your Sportsman or Magnum.  Depending upon your year, modifications, elevation, etc, you may need to do some final tuning to finish dialing it in.  However, we have you covered!  Not only do we include complete instructions but we include extra pilot jets and main jets in the rare case you will have to re-jet it.  Most machines this will just bolt on and go.

What else sets our carb apart?  Check out the cool billet aluminum side cover!  Its black anodized with our Quad Logic gear logo.  All the other carbs use a plastic side cover and they crack all the time.  No need to worry about that with this carb.

But wait, there’s more!  Have you ever tried to remove the brass choke nut?  This is a nightmare as you cannot get a wrench on it due to its location.  The only thing you can normally try is a large pliers but you end up shredding the soft brass.  We will save you a ton of frustration by including one of our new choke nut wrenches.  This makes quick and easy work of swapping over the choke cable.

This is a brand new complete Quad Logic brand 34mm carburetor for your Polaris ATV.  Got a really dirty or clogged up carb? Machine just won’t run right no matter what you do?  At this price you can just replace the entire carb!  Ready to install and accepts all your stock cables and lines just like the OEM carburetor.  Throttle valve and all jets are already installed.  No modifications required to install but may need some final tuning/adjustments.

Fits the following:

1995-’98   MAGNUM 425
1999-’03   MAGNUM 500

Replaces Polaris part numbers 3130958, 3131114, 3131355, 3131357, 3131310, 3131454, 3131589, 3131691, 3131745, and 31317413130500, 3130724, and 3130753.

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Magnum 425 500 Carburetors

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