Magnum 500 Front Master Cylinder Stainless Brake Lines


Replace that swollen or blown OEM rubber brake line with this higher quality stainless steel brake line.  Not only will it last much longer but you will get better brake feel and less fade.  These brake lines are manufactured in the USA and are fully tested to 3000 psi!  This 23.25″ overall length front handlebar master cylinder brake line (as you are sitting on the machine) goes from the brake reservoir on the handle bars down to the junction block.  Replaces Polaris part number 1930760 and 1930817.    Fits the following models:
1999-00 Magnum 500
1999-00 Diesel

REPLACES POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 1930760 and 1930817

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Magnum 500 Front Master Cylinder Stainless Brake Lines