General 1000 Fuel Pump Assembly


NEW Polaris General 1000 Fuel Pump Assembly! Changing out the fuel pumps in these modules can be tricky.  Then there is still a possibility that the regulator is bad or there is some other issue.  Forget all that and just drop in this complete fuel pump assembly.  Its fully assembled so you just drop it in the tank and plug it in!  If you are having poor idling, sputtering, cutting out at high speeds or other running issues, this could be your fix.  This automotive quality fuel pump is an exact replacement.  Installs in the stock location and will maintain the proper operation and life of your fuel system.  Replaces Polaris part number(s): 2206278 & 2208121


2016-’24 GENERAL 1000
2017-’22 GENERAL 4 1000
2021-’24 GENERAL XP 1000
2020-’24 GENERAL XP 4 1000

POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 2206278 & 2208121

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General 1000 Fuel Pump Assembly

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