ATV High Rise Snow Plow Push Tube


ATV High Rise Push Tube has impressive lift height with heavy-duty, mid-mount, dual-pivot articulating frame. The 20″ wide blade mount platform is compatible with Kolpin High Rise Power Angle to optimize plowing productivity.
Impressive lift height with Heavy-duty, mid-mount, dual-pivot articulating frame and 20″ wide blade mount platform.
Integrated Structural Pivot Box is virtually fully assembled from the factory
Multi Width Blade mounting system allows current Cycle Country blades and the new wider blade support Heavy Duty Square Tube Steel Chassis with strategic reinforcements
Wider mount attachment for increased blade stability Robust steel tube reinforcement and stamped blade technology
Compatible with Kolpin High Rise™ Power Angle to optimize plowing productivity
Quick pin attachment to 15-XXXX mounts
Retrofits to Cycle Country blades and select mounts
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ATV High Rise Snow Plow Push Tube

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