RZR Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner

Quad-Logic Billet aluminum adapter, Billet Chain Tensioner, Tensioner push rod, M6 x1.0 x25mm hex flange bolt with 8mm head, Squash Washer, Copper Crush Washer, Chain Tensioner Gasket, M6 Flange bolt, 2014-16 Polaris RZR 1000 XP
2014-16 Polaris RZR-4 1000 XP
2015-16 Polaris RZR 900 Trail
2016 PolarisRZR 1000/900 S (60")
The Cam Chain tensioner is designed to reduce or eliminate the knocking
noise on your RZR at start up. This product is designed to be installed before
excessive wear on the machine, as it is a preventative maintenance item.
Polaris RZR Automatic Cam Chain Tensioner Install instructions. Replacing the OEM Cam chain Tensioner, removing the chain tensioner gasket.
take the squash washer and put onto the end of the QL Billet Adapter.
Once the Squash washer is in place, take the supplied Push Rod and insert
into the opening of the QL Billet Adapter.
thread tensioner into machine
where the OEM cam chain tensioner was removed
Install Copper crush washer and m6 flange bolt onto the opening on the end of the tensioner and tighten Flange Bolts to make sure they are secure. Polaris RZR install complete.