Sportsman XP Heavy Duty Tie Rod and Ends


The stock Polaris tie rods are a known weak point and can easily bend or break if you clip a stump or rock out on the trail. Replace the whole assembly with this beefy upgrade kit. The tie rods are a much larger 16mm to take a ton of abuse. The stronger tie rod ends and castle nuts complete the package to both tighten and strengthen your steering. Includes both tie rods and all four tie rod ends. Replaces Polaris part number 7061175, 7061174, 1824007 and All Balls part number 52-1041.

Fits the following models:

2016-’18   SPORTSMAN 1000
2013-’22   SPORTSMAN 550
2015-’22   SPORTSMAN 850
2015-’18   SPORTSMAN TOURING 1000
2010-’14   SPORTSMAN TOURING 550
2010-’22   SPORTSMAN TOURING 850
2019-’21   SPORTSMAN TOURING XP 1000
2020         SPORTSMAN TOURING XP 850
2010-’14   SPORTSMAN X2 550
2011         SPORTSMAN X2 850
2015-’22   SPORTSMAN XP 1000
2009-’13   SPORTSMAN XP 550
2010-’15   SPORTSMAN XP 850

Replaces Polaris Part Number: 7061175, 7061174, 1824007

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Polaris Scrambler Sportsman 850 1000 Heavy Duty Tie Rod and Ends 52-1041 1824007
Sportsman XP Heavy Duty Tie Rod and Ends

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