Sportsman XP LH Handlebar Controls Pigtail Harness


If the switches on your left handlebar cluster quit working or are erratic, check the terminals and plug. These are NOT waterproof and will get water in them and corrode the connection. Many times you can save it by replacing the harness! Fix it now with our own version of the super expensive Polaris harness repair kit.

This kit comes with the exact same automotive plug that Polaris uses, 6 colored wires with the terminals already installed, 6 butt connectors, zip ties, and wire loom. We even made the wires long enough so you can hide the connections inside the headlight pod! Each handlebar cluster uses TWO of these harnesses so be sure to order TWO if replacing both. This is the non grooved plug so it will fit in either the grooved or non-grooved position. Replaces Polaris part numbers 2877771, 2877772, and 2877773. Fits just about every 2000 and newer Polaris ATV (except sport models) including:

2009-14 Sportsman 550 XP (All)


2009-14 Sportsman 850 XP (All)

Replaces Polaris Part Number: 2877771, 2877772, and 2877773

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