Sportsman 800 Stage 1 Engine Tune Up Kit


If your machine is not running up to its potential, this kit is for you. This Stage 1 kit includes a new air filter, pre-filter, oil filter, and two spark plugs. These simple to replace components can make a huge improvement in a machine that has been maintenance neglected. These filters are excellent quality replacements and Quad Logic approved. The spark plugs are genuine NGK plugs matched for your Sportsman twin. Works on the following models. 2005-14 Sportsman 800 (All models)

This kit includes:
– Air Filter
– Water Resistant Pre-filter for the air filter.
– Oil Filter
– NGK Spark Plug (BKR7E) x 2

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Sportsman 600 700 800Stage 1 Engine Tune Up Kit
Sportsman 800 Stage 1 Engine Tune Up Kit


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