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Quad Logic is now a Gates distributor for all your Polaris ATV and UTV belt needs!  These belts are tried and true, torture tested for years.  We trust them on all our machines and so should you.  They are a much better value than the OEM Polaris belts but probably exceed the performance at the same time. This G-Series belt is a perfect replacement and /or performance belt for your machine.  The top cogs offer better cooling and the aramid cords make it extremely strong.

Gate G-Force Redline: Designed for the most demanding, turbo-charged off-road CVT applications. With Gates proprietary materials and design, G-Force RedLine™ CVT belts handle extreme temperatures with excellent heat recovery, while maximizing load and torque capacity, making it one of the most efficient CVT belts currently on the market.

  • First on the market to utilize Ethylene Elastomer compound to address the needs of larger SxS and high-horsepower ORVs in tough riding conditions. Next-generation EE compound offers maximum transverse stiffness and heat resistance, resulting in higher load capacity, higher peak torque capacity, less “heat fade” and less speed loss.
  • Delivers 75% greater dynamic axial stiffness on average, up to 50% lower speed losses and better recovery from temperatures up to +170°C (+338°F) without power loss.
  • Unmatched Temperature Capability – Runs cooler, resists glazing for better recovery and reduced cracking/chunking out after running at temps exceeding +149°C (+300°F).
  • Extended Belt Life – Belt life increased 100-300% versus aftermarket competitive belts in severe duty lab test conditions and in field testing.
  • Higher Power Capacity – Reduced speed (rpm) loss by 50% under high loads and increased load capacity by >10% compared to other aftermarket belt.

The Gates G-Force Carbon Fiber: Gates G-Force Carbon Fiber CVT Drive Beltsare state-of-the-art continuously variable transmission (CVT) drive belts that provide unmatched horsepower and torque-handling capability for extreme high-performance machines. As the first CVT belt to use high-strength carbon fiber in the belt cords instead of the conventional fiber-loaded rubber belt compounds, the patented G-Force C12 Drive Belt features either double- or single-cog designs to provide an exact match to the OEM belt for drop-in installation. Extreme testing in controlled environments, as well as on race vehicles, has proven the G-Force C12 Drive Belt is a high-performance premium drive belt with no clutching adjustments necessary at installation. Manufacturers recommend replacing your drive belt every 1 to 3 years depending on your riding usage, and even more if you are a competitive rider. While all drive belts are built for durability, over time, your current belt can become worn by excessive heat or interference with other CVT system components. If your drive belt is showing symptoms of a bad or failing CVT belt including slipping, cracks or missing cogs, and deterioration of the belt material, consider Gates for your next drive belt replacement. Gates #: 19CR4022

  • OUTLAST THE REST: Gates G-Force C12 Drive Belts utilize high-strength, high-modulus aramid (ballistic body armor material) tensile cords and reinforced fiber-loaded rubber for durability, dependability, and a long-lasting belt life that outlasts other high-performance belts by as much as 5X. Special belt construction results in increased side-load resistance, preventing belt distortion and edge-cord pullout
  • OPTIMIZE HEAT RESISTANCE: the high-performance neoprene, trapezoidal top cogs, and rounded bottom cogs deliver optimal heat control and maximum flexibility
  • RECLAIM YOUR HORSEPOWER: carbon tensile cords provide faster acceleration and extreme horsepower, improved throttle response, and consistent shifting performance
  • CONTROL YOUR SPEED: this premium belt offers exact speed control and maximum speed adjustment
  • INSTALL EASILY: the OEM-constructed drop-in Gates C12 Drive Belt requires no clutching adjustments

This Gates 50R4289 REDLINE G-Force belt replaces Polaris part number 3211227 and 3211202 and fits the RZR Pro XP and Pro XP 4 models. See dropdown for model years.


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RZR Pro XP Gates Drive Belt
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