Grab Handle Cup Holder Kit with Can Koozies


This new cup holder kit is awesome! We designed the mount to simply slide over the passenger grab handle on the Polaris RZR and bolt into place. Two stainless steel cup holders are included. The cupholders even have drains at the bottom so they wont fill up with water. Strong double sided tape around the lip of the cup holders keeps them secure to the mount. Lastly we include two or our custom foam can koozies. These are no ordinary koozies, they actually have lids so you can keep dirt and dust out of your drink when going down the trail! We take our drinks seriously here at Quad Logic!

Keep your favorite beverages within quick reach with this great new cupholder kit from Quad Logic. Includes everything you need to keep cool on the trail.

Fits all RZR models with the square passenger grab handle tube.

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