RZR 800 Fuel Injector Pigtail Harness Repair Kit


If you are getting a fuel injector code, it could be the plug and wires. They can vibrate over time and break the wires either internally or externally and can be hard to diagnose. Many times it will throw a code but not always. Fix it now with this easy to install replacement plug. Simply cut off the old plug and use the included butt connectors or solder the connections to the new pigtail. Our pigtail fits perfectly to the fuel injector and has 6″ long wire leads. The last photo is for reference only, please ensure your fuel injector looks the same before ordering. Fits the models listed below using the Bosch fuel injectors (1204319 and 1204318):

2011-14 RZR 800 (All Models)

Works with Polaris Part Number: 1204319 and 1204318

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