RZR 570 Front Differential Rebuild Kit


This kit includes most of the critical components to rebuild your front differential. The original roll cages are notorious for cracking and breaking, replace it with this updated severe duty ALUMINUM version. Our cage will withstand whatever you can throw at it! We offer a full one year warranty against breakage of this cage. We even threw in all 20 new spring clips! Next we include a set of 20 hardened steel rollers that are precision ground to have a perfect rolling surface. Our new armature plate assures a positive engagement and disengagement of the four wheel drive. Lastly, a full bearing and seal kit allows you to swap out those rough or grinding bearings and prevent any oil leaks with all new seals. The cover o-rings are not included as these can normally be re-used. Choose your RZR from the list below.

Replaces Polaris roll cage part #3234466, 3235263, and 3235261, 3234907 and 3235262.

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Polaris RZR 570 800 900 (2011-14) Front Differential Rebuild Kit w/ALUMINUM CAGE
RZR 570 Front Differential Rebuild Kit
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