RZR 570 Secondary Clutch Rollers


These secondary clutch rollers are used in almost all Team UTV secondary clutches. The helix rides against these rollers so they can wear out over time or even break if the machine is rode hard. Replace them before they damage the helix or clutch. Exact replacement for Polaris part number 3234207, 3234197, and 5434534. Each clutch uses FOUR of these rollers so order two sets if rebuilding the whole clutch. Sold as a set of TWO. Choose between a pair of rollers, or a roller kit that includes the clutch pin and spring pin.


2013-’19 RZR 570

REPLACES POLARIS PART NUMBER(S): 3234207, 3234197, 5434534, 3234201 and 3234202.

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RZR 570 Secondary Clutch Rollers
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