Ranger Gear Position Sensor Pigtail Harness Kit


The wire harness to the the transmission sensor can be a problem. It will vibrate over time and break the wires either internally or externally and can be hard to diagnose. Fix it now with our own version of the Polaris harness repair kit. Simply cut off the old harness and use the included butt connectors or solder the connections to the new pigtail. Our pigtail fits perfectly to the transmission sensor and has 9″ long wire leads. Includes 2 zip ties and 6 butt connectors. Fits the Polaris Ranger models listed below (Using tranny sensor # 3233835):

Series 10 Ranger

Series 11 Ranger

2004-06 Ranger TM

2010-14 Ranger 400

1999-13 Ranger 500

2006-09 Ranger 700

2010-11 Ranger 800

2011-14 Ranger 900 Diesel

Works with Polaris Part Number: 3233835

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Ranger Gear Position Sensor Pigtail Harness Kit