Ranger 500 Complete Primary Drive Clutch


Brand new aftermarket drive clutch for your Polaris. These complete clutches have a host of features that make it a much better alternative to the expensive OEM clutches. Some of the features include:

• Complete assembled clutch (Spring and weights are included)
• Every clutch is factory balanced to ensure they turn straight and true
• Aluminum and magnesium construction is strong and light weight
• Heat treated center shaft for unequaled strength
• Larger diameter spider buttons have more contact area and will wear out less quickly
• Uses the same clutch puller as the OEM clutch
• Uses the original clutch bolt and washers for installation
• Accepts any brand of drive belt
• Replaces Polaris part number 1323255 & 1323013

Fits the following models:

2019-22  Ranger 500

Shipping from Ramsey, Minnesota (USA) within 24 hours allows you to BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!

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100-4250 Polaris ACE RZR Ranger 500 570 (2015-21) Complete Primary Drive Clutch 1323255
Ranger 500 Complete Primary Drive Clutch

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