Magnum 500 Flywheel


Complete new replacement flywheel for your Polaris Sportsman, Magnum, Ranger and Scrambler 500. The stock flywheels are prone to failure, especially the magnets coming loose or breaking. Fix it for good with our aftermarket flywheel that is a big improvement over the stock unit. It starts with using a higher temp epoxy that eliminates magnet detachment. High strength steel capping prevents harsh additives in motor oil from degrading the epoxy attaching the magnets. Though extremely unlikely, if a magnet did ever come loose, it would remain in the sleeve preventing contact with the stator. Lastly, these stators are precision balanced to reduce vibration and add longevity to your engine. Installation is just like stock. Replaces Polaris part numbers 3085558, 3086819, 3086983, and 3087166.

NOTE: Some 2003 and 2004 years used two different types of flywheels. This replaces units that had FF97 stamped on the back.

Fits all the following Polaris models:

1999-02 Magnum 500

1997-03 Scrambler 500

1998-99 Big Boss 6×6

1999-01 Worker 500

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Polaris 1998-04 Sportsman Magnum Scrambler Ranger 500 Flywheel - 3086983 3087166
Magnum 500 Flywheel

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