ACE Starter Solenoid


Brand new heavy duty ACE starter solenoid.  Many times starter issues can be tracked back to a shot or sticky solenoid. The solenoid is relatively cheap and simple to replace. This heavy duty unit is a direct replacement.  It has a dual pin plug to easily plug into your stock harness.  Replaces Polaris part number 4012001 and 4010947 and RM Stator RM09016.

Fits the following Polaris models:

2014-16 ACE 325

2017-19 ACE 500

2015-19 ACE 570

2016-19 ACE 900

Replaces Polaris part #4012001 and 4010947.  Also replaces RM Stator part number RM09016.

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Polaris Solenoid 4012001 4010947
ACE Starter Solenoid

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